Discovering High Conviction Investment is a webinar organized by Swissquote Bank in collaboration with GraniteShares: a Global ETF Issuer. Tihomir Iliev is the speaker for this webinar, and his background and experience of Short and Leveraged ETP shows in his delivery of the topic.

This webinar is beneficial to watch…

Investing is to sacrifice money in the present in the hope of more money in the future. In other words, an investment is a payment for the potential of a higher return. It’s essential to understand both the mechanics and the psychology of investing, to improve the odds of success.

Risk is the Price for Opportunity

The MT4/MT5 plugin is easy to install and consists of the following three indicators, which overlay onto MT4/MT5 live charts. Once installed, they show up in the MT4/MT5 indicator list, from where they can be dragged and dropped on to your desired chart.

“Live trade with TC Alpha Generation” is…

This webinar is excellent to watch if you are undecided about selecting trading or long-term investments in stocks. People trying to invest in the stock market will find it full of insights into their behaviour while investing.

“If You Want Thrills, Then Trade. If You Want Wealth, Then Invest” is…

The DAX 30 is the leading index of German stocks and has traditionally listed 30 of Germany’s largest companies. These companies have been 30 in number since the index launch in 1988 but will now increase to 40.

Selection of companies into the index will be based on market capitalization

This webinar explores and highlights the impact of herd mentality, greed-fear tradeoffs, and other sentiment extremes.

Global Market Outlook H2 2021 is a webinar organized by Swissquote Bank with the RWA Founder, Ron William. Ron is also a Behavioural Finance Expert, Trading Psychologist & Performance Coach.

Market Outlook

The combination of two…

Suite à l’ascension stratosphérique de l’action du détaillant américain de jeux vidéo et de matériel électronique GameStop, en début d’année, le terme « short squeeze » est revenu sous le feu des projecteurs.

Les marchés actions sont imprévisibles. Les variations de cours brutales, à la hausse comme à la baisse…

Seit der spektakulären Hausse der Aktie von Gamestop, einem amerikanischen Einzelhändler für Videospiele und Gaming-Merchandise, zu Beginn des Jahres 2021 ist der Begriff wieder in aller Munde.

Aktienmärkte sind höchst unberechenbar. Ein plötzlicher Wechsel in der Kursbewegung (nach oben oder unten) ist ein häufiges Phänomen. Die meisten dieser Verschiebungen werden…

This term has been back in the headlines ever since shares in GameStop, a US retailer of video games and gaming merchandise, experienced a spectacular rise in prices at the start of 2021.

Equity markets are highly unpredictable. Sudden changes in share price movements, either upwards or downwards, are a…

People who are looking to explore the process of investing in the stock market will find it full of insights into their investing behavior.

“How to win the next six months of Trading” is a webinar organized by Swissquote with the RWA Founder, Ron William. …

Stefano Gianti

Education Manager at Swissquote, Member of SIAT_Italia (the Italian Society of Technical Analysts) and IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts).

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